Pickering - Save Our Sharks

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City Councillor David Pickles
I am very pleased that Council has adopted the motion by myself and Deputy Mayor Doug Dickerson. The motion requests the federal government to enact a nation ban on the possession and sale of shark fin products and in the interim has directed City of Pickering staff to prepare a report and draft bylaw for a ban in Pickering to be considered at the next Pickering Council meeting. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! PLEASE let Pickering Councillor know where you stand on this matter via this blog and by email link below or contacting Councillor directly. Thanks! P.S. We support other municipalities likewise pursuing bans. Pickering loves sharks!

Pickering one step closer to banning shark fin products

On September 19, Pickering Council voted 6 to 1 (Peter Rodrigues as the lone non-supporting vote) to draft a bylaw to ban shark fin products in Pickering.  The Council will be voting on the bylaw at the end of October.  Pickering could be the second municipality in Canada to ban shark fins (the first being Brantford).  Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville are also looking at the issue.

Councillor David Pickles introduces motion to ban shark fin products in Pickering

On September 6, 2011, Pickering City Councillor David Pickles gave notice that he will bring forward a motion seconded by Deputy Mayor Doug Dickerson at the Pickering Council meeting on September 19, 2011, to ban the sale of shark fin products in the City of Pickering.

Councillor David Pickles notes "We believe Pickering residents do not support shark finning and would support a ban.  We are concerend that, as bans come into effect in other municipalities such as Toronto and Mississauga, the sale of shark fin produts could shift into Pickering on a large scale.  We want to stop this before it starts."

Pickering has not completed a review of whether or not shark fin products, including shark fin soup, are presently available in Pickering, but wants to be proactive.

Pickering and Toronto team up to save sharks

Councillor David Pickles and Joanna Hui from Councillor Glenn De Baeremaker's office team up to save sharks.
Councillor Pickles introduced a motion to ban shark fins in Pickering and
Councillor De Baeremaeker introduced a motion to ban shark fins in Toronto.